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“I have had the opportunity to work with Becka on several occasions. Professionally at births, personally with family portraits and portraits for my business. She is so professional, kind, and a damn good photographer. She connects with children and gets beautiful shots, she captures the sweetest moments at births while being a fly on the wall. Her artistic eye is able to produce magic through her photography. I just love it and I can’t wait to go to more births with this wonderful woman and photographer. Thank you Becka!” -Rachael Cook, LM, CPM

“Your pictures will always be there to remind us how incredibly special and sacred his birth was, but more than that you gave us your heart and your time during the most changing part of our journey here on Earth. You share wisdom, compassion, and quiet strength. You have catalogued our masterpiece. I am forever grateful!” -Carol

“The photos she’s able to capture go so far beyond just a simple snapshot of our lives. They capture memories, emotions, and unexpected beauty that we would have been too busy to notice. They bring tears to my eyes and joy to my heart and each set is like reliving that perfect moment in our lives. Her art is worth the money. Everything she delivers is absolutely priceless.” -Katie

“I really don’t know how she does it! Becka Regan manages to capture our family circus with patience and grace. She charms our wild preschooler into gleeful smiles and photographs our family of five perfectly. This is not an easy task! Thank you, Regan House Photo!” -Susan

“There are precious few people I can imagine inviting in to the vulnerable space of giving birth at home. Becka not only made it easy to include her in the unknown and terrifying process of birthing for the first time, she felt like a necessary part of my team. And the photos are phenomenal too.” -Stacey

“Becka took the most amazing pics of my newborn baby! Not only is she talented with photography but she is talented in handling a newborn during the session and sooo creative too!! More than exceeded my expectations! Thank you!!” -Joann

“She has captured my babies on several different occasions and at different ages. Every picture she takes leaves me smiling and wanting more. Such a talent and ability to take incredible photos, thank you Becka.” -Khim

“Highly recommend! We had Becka come do our newborn shoot and it was a very pleasant experience. She was friendly and patient with our 10 day old son. She got some excellent shots! Would work with her again.” -Ash

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Becka for my engagement photos and now my wedding photos. Becka is a professional, prompt in her responses and was great at keeping us informed. Neither my husband or I are super comfortable in front of the camera but she did a great job at quickly capturing beautiful photos of us. I want Becka to document all of my important life events.” -Whitney

“Warm and professional. Becka is very dedicated, sweet and simply awesome.” -Stefanie

“Total talent! Especially when working with children. She made it seem effortless.” -Crystal


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