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About Becka Regan:

What started as a basic love for the everyday magic of babies and young children has turned into a passion for photographing all of life’s sweetest moments. I submerged into fine art and painting at a young age, completing dozens of classes and exhibiting my work within my community as well as apprenticing with other local artists. When my first child was born in 2008, I found I had my hands very full with parenthood and had no time left to paint. So instead I photographed the moments I wanted to capture on canvas at a later date and the photographs began to evolve into an art of their own. I was discovered by another Western Washington photographer and began training with him on the wedding circuit. Five years later,  I take pride in the way my foundation in fine art translated so seamlessly to the world of professional photography. I’m often told by clients that my work has a painterly quality to it and I believe that is because I still compose my images as if they are meant to be paintings!

Because my first love is for the family, my photographic passion is for the family cycle as well. My favorite sessions are those celebrating maternity, childbirth, and the newborn. My own family is still in its early years and it is for this reason that I find it so easy to connect to small children and babies. I love playing games with toddlers to get the shot and soothing the newborn back to sleep with a steady hand. I truly enjoy documenting the way that they are now, because we all know that children grow too fast.

I am an on-location portrait photographer serving Thurston and Lewis Counties. I can’t wait to hear from you and collaborate with you to get meaningful portraits that your family will cherish for generations.

photos by Kathryn Herron, Duncan Hornquist, Christina Wolf
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